By taking advantage of  “A Way Out”, participants and their loved ones are given the opportunity for help and treatment to end the destructive cycle that substance abuse, dependency or addiction has caused in their lives. Participants are given the chance to avoid the biological, psychological and environmental harms and are set on a direct course to recovery. The only requirement of participants is their self-motivation to seek recovery.

The program is set up so that participants will NOT be criminally
charged. There is no need to fear arrest or prosecution for 
seeking participation in this program.

You can find “A Way Out” in just a few easy steps:

  1. Locate a participating police department
  2. Walk in through the main doors of the department nearest you
  3. Tell the clerk at the reception window that you want to participate in “A Way Out”. If you are seeking help after open lobby hours, locate the call box on the wall and tell dispatch you want to participate in “A Way Out.” A program representative will be with you to take you through the next steps.
Next Steps
  1. A police department representative will meet with you and take you and/or your loved ones through the onboarding process, which includes filling out paperwork is filled out and signing program waivers. If you are in possession of any illegal or legal drugs, the representative will take them from you and destroy them appropriately.
  2. The Lake County Health Department will deliver a phone screening to determine the appropriate course of treatment services. Based on the evaluation of the phone screening, one of two treatment tracts will be recommended for you – outpatient or inpatient.
  3. If you are going through acute withdrawal, we will transport you to one of four participating Lake County hospitals, who will oversee your medical stabilization in preparation for entering treatment.
  4. If outpatient treatment is recommended, an appointment will be made for you at NICASA Behavioral Health Services. You will be transported there for a thorough assessment and treatment planning. Treatment may or may not be provided by NICASA Behavioral Health Services.
  5. If inpatient treatment is recommended, you will be transported to Gateway Foundation in Lake Villa where an assessment will be provided and a treatment plan will be recommended. Treatment may or may not be provided by Gateway Foundation of Lake Villa.
  6. If you are unable to pay for treatment due to lack of insurance or financial resources, you will not be turned away from participation. Program partners are able to accommodate a variety of circumstances and accept different insurance plans.